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Two Brothers, Uvaldo(left) and Eduardo Leon(right) Only their mother knew what made them one. When they were born she imprinted them with their one and only bond, the Do’s at the end of their name. Now they are both on a mission to spread happiness and satisfaction through the art of Good Dough, Better dough, Butterdough. From handmade quality artisanal pastries and bread, to handcrafted sandwiches and drinks made with house made syrups.

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Customer Reviews

Jaz C

I don’t know where to start, but just know that it’s worth it. The pastries are AMAZING. I love that I can go to a local cafe that serves high quality items without the snobby energy. These guys put it the work in what they create and it shows. Thank you!!!

Ricardo De Leon

My boss brought us some Cafe con Leche from this place and I fell in love with it. The coffee here is simple, yet VERY delicious. The staff is friendly and quick to get your order out. What makes this place even more amazing.

Payal Music

My husband saw this place in passing and asked me if I wanted to check it out over the wkd. We both had the breakfast sandwich. I had the cheddar bacon and one egg croissant and hands down the best I've ever had.

Chloe Murru

Finally a local breakfast joint at my transfer point! Lots of options for coffee. I ordered the Cafe con Leche and it was fantastic. Breakfast sandwich was made from scratch and delicious. Credit Cards accepted, staff is friendly.

John Heintz

We love this place. It’s so great that it opened in the neighborhood. You got to try the hot chocolate! The owners are incredibly welcoming and friendly. You will feel more connected to the neighborhood than ever by dropping in.

Bob Norih

Coffee is really well made. The champurrado (hot chocolate with maize) is SO good! And the sandwiches are delicious. So happy to have you in the neighborhood! Pastries are also insane and and feature in local restaurants.